Scorpions on Nails – level 3

Scorpions on Nails – level 3

24-10-2016 15:00

Nail art has gone to the extremes before – we have seen rhinestones and furry nails, but Mexico’s adding something which could be considered somewhat dangerous. Customers are paying around $3 to have a scorpion glued to a nail.

Scorpions are highly venomous and if one stings you, it can lead to death, but the team insists that the ones that it is using are not venomous after they die and that the team uses tweezers when handling them.

One manicurist said that this trend is not for everyone. Some people react positively while others think that it is a horrible and tacky trend.

People have accused the team of animal cruelty, but the team explained that they buy the scorpions dead from people who find them in mountain ranges.

Difficult words: rhinestone (an imitation diamond), furry (covered with fur – thick hair), venomous (with venom – poison), insist (say something is true), tweezers (an instrument for moving small things), tacky (showing poor taste and quality).

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