Scottish referendum - level 3

Scottish referendum - level 3

29-09-2014 07:00

Six people have been arrested in Glasgow after rival referendum campaign supporters clashed in George Square.

In the early hours of Friday, the mood was jubilant, as 'yes' campaign supporters waited to hear the fate of a nation.

They celebrated when Glasgow's region voted 'yes' on Scottish independence, savouring the momentum gifted by Scotland's largest city.

They even found a mattress.

Later, that atmosphere was dampened as victory for the 'no' campaign transitioned from possibility to mathematical certainty.

That evening tempers flared leading to the arrest but for the time being, though they stood defeated, the people in George Square were at least proud to be Scottish.

Difficult words: clash (fight), jubilant (very happy), savour (enjoy very much), momentum (excitement), dampen (make weak), transition (change), tempers flared (people became angry and violent), for the time being (for the present).


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