Seals are killed in Canada - level 2

Seals are killed in Canada - level 2

24-04-2014 15:00

Canada began its annual seal hunt. It took place off the northwest coast of Newfoundland. A group which is against seal hunts filmed the hunt.

The video shows how the hunters killed the seals. They clubbed the seals and loaded them onto their boat. Only 17 boats took part in the hunt. America and Europe closed the market for seal products, so the hunt is smaller than in the past.

The Canadian Government supports the hunt. It says that it is an event which is humane and important to some people. The government allows 400,000 seals to be killed every year.

Difficult words: annual (it happens every year), club (to hit hard with a heavy object that looks like a thick baseball bat), humane (not cruel).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Is it OK to kill seals like this?

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