Second “Earth” is found - level 3

Second “Earth” is found - level 3

28-07-2015 07:00

Scientists using NASA's powerful Kepler telescope have found a planet beyond the solar system that’s a close match to Earth. The planet, which is about 60 per cent bigger than Earth, is located about 1,400 light years away. The latest discovery is known as Kepler-452b.

While similar-sized planets have been found before, Kepler-452b is a circulating star that is very similar but older than the sun at a distance about the same as Earth's orbit.

Based on its size, mission scientists said they believed it was the most Earthlike planet yet.

Such worlds are of interest to astronomers because they might be small and cool enough to host liquid water on their surface and might therefore be hospitable to life.

The planet is included in a haul of 500 new possible planets sighted by the Kepler space telescope around distant stars.

Difficult words: host (to have), hospitable (friendly), haul (a large discovery)


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