Seven lost killer whales - level 3

Seven lost killer whales - level 3

09-07-2013 14:00

A pod of seven killer whales became stranded on a sand bar near Australia's Fraser Island on Tuesday. Immediately, a rescue operation tried to keep the whales hydrated and help them back into deeper water. Five of the whales managed to swim free at high tide, but the other two, a mother and her calf, died earlier in the day.

A marine veterinarian will now take blood samples from the deceased whales to see if they beached themselves due to poor health.

The pod was in Queensland waters as part of the annual whale migration, where they often hunt the young of migrating humpback whales.

Interesting words: pod (group), stranded (stuck), sand bar (sandy area), high tide (when the sea level rises), calf (young animal), deceased (dead), due to (because of).

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