Seven very lucky people - level 3

Seven very lucky people - level 3

13-04-2015 07:00

A truck bomb in an underground car park has wounded seven people on the Thai holiday island of Koh Samui. The bomb, planted in a pickup truck, went off at the Central Festival Samui shopping mall, the evening before one of the New Year's holidays in predominantly Buddhist Thailand.

All of the wounded, who included a 12-year-old Thai-Italian girl, were later discharged from hospital with minor injuries. The truck used in the attack was stolen last month from Southern Thailand.

Bomb squad experts scoured the debris in the underground car park for clues about who might be behind the attack which comes as Thai police try to reassure tourists about the kingdom’s safety as a holiday destination, following a coup last May.

Samui is a popular tourist island in the Gulf of Thailand. The roughly 20 million visitors who flock to the country each year are vital to the economy.

Difficult words: wound (to be injured), plant (to put something somewhere), predominantly (mostly), discharge (to tell somebody to leave), minor (small), squad (a group of people who work on something together), scour (to search), debris (pieces of a destroyed thing), clue (something which helps you understand something better), coup (violent, and illegal coming to power), flock (to come in large numbers), vital (very important).


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