Shark attack in Australia - level 3

Shark attack in Australia - level 3

08-04-2014 07:00

A 63 year-old woman has been killed by a shark off the New South Wales coast in Australia.

Christine Armstrong was swimming with friends from the wharf at Tathra to the beach this morning, when she became separated from the group.

“They came across a shark that was three or four metres in size. They just came together as a group to defend themselves and made their way back to shore.”

Police said a land and sea search had been underway since a witness spotted what appeared to be a shark attacking something in the water.

“She’s been heavily involved in the club, in training and assessing of members. She’s done over 300 patrol hours here at Tathra and was a regular participant in the ocean swim.”

The New South Wales Ambulance Service said partial remains of a woman have been found, but could not immediately be linked to Christine’s disappearance.

Difficult words: wharf (structure next to which boats in the water can park), spot (see), heavily (very), assess (to make a judgement).

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