Sharks in an aquarium - level 3

Sharks in an aquarium - level 3

02-02-2016 07:00

Most people would be slightly scared to get into a tank with a huge shark, but don't worry, this one isn't interested in the taste of human flesh; it prefers another shark.

One massive banded hound shark at a South Korean aquarium came to a grisly end when it ran into – or rather swam into – an even bigger sand tiger shark. The beast could be seen swimming around the tank with the tail of the giant hanging out of its mouth while stunned visitors looked on in amazement.

While sharks don't tend to eat others of the same species when they are in captivity and have regular feeds, experts at the aquarium said that they have their own territory, and when they occasionally bump against each other, they bite out of astonishment.

We're not sure the banded hound shark would be quite so forgiving.

Difficult words: huge (very big), flesh (meat), grisly (violet), beast (a dangerous animal), stunned (shocked), tend (to do something regularly), species (a kind of animal), astonishment (great surprise).


What do you think about what happened to the shark?

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