Sheep stopped a car - level 2, A12

Sheep stopped a car - level 2, A12

20-03-2012 23:00

It was a usual day in the Russian mountains. A group of sheep decided to play a game with a driver of a car. They started to run around the car like a cyclone.

The driver tried to get out of the cyclone but he didn’t want to hurt any of the sheep, so he was going very slowly. He was making noises but he couldn’t get out of the circle of the sheep. The sheep were blocking the car for long 23 seconds.

Another man filmed the whole situation on his mobile phone and had a lot of fun when it was happening.

Finally, the driver with his car got out of the cyclone. Nothing happened to any of the sheep.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: cyclone, noise, circle.

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