Ship attacked pirates near Somalia - level 2, A12

Ship attacked pirates near Somalia - level 2, A12

29-02-2012 23:00

A Danish ship attacked pirates in the sea near Somalia. The Danish ship was following the pirates’ ship for some days. There were 18 people held on the ship and 17 Somali pirates. 16 people were freed during the attack but 2 people died.  The operation was a part of the European program which started in 2008 and tries to limit the number of attacks by Somali pirates. The pirates are on the Danish ship at the moment.

Pictures in the video are from another meeting with the pirates. Army soldiers in small boats helped by the helicopter caught the ship. They found a lot of weapons on board. The weapons were taken but the pirates were freed because there wasn’t “enough” evidence that they wanted to attack some ship.

In the end, the army destroyed the pirates’ boat.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: follow, held, weapons.

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