Ship hits land - level 3

Ship hits land - level 3

14-02-2014 07:00

A dramatic crash as a ferry grinds into land on the Turkish coast.

The video shows the retired boat coming into shore at speed before scraping to a standstill between two other vessels.

It was a dramatic end for the ferry which was coming to rest for the last time at a shipyard in Aliaga where it will be taken apart after 24 years of service.

The ship, formerly known as ‘The Pride of Calais’, served as a channel ferry for P&O, travelling between Dover and Calais for 22 years until 2012. It was then renamed ‘Ostend Spirit’ and served another two years journeying to and from Belgium before crashing into retirement in Turkey.

Difficult words: grind (press), scrape (rub), vessel (ship).

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