Shocking advertisement - level 3

Shocking advertisement - level 3

03-07-2014 15:00

This shocking advert has been banned from appearing on television until after the 9 o'clock watershed.

The minute-long video starts with a classroom of children playing and preparing to leave for a school trip, whilst a man grabs his breakfast at home and heads out in his car.

As the children play in a park, we see the man lose control of his car and crash through a wall.

But, on the other side of the wall are the children. The car flips through the air, landing on them and crushing them instantly.

The Northern Ireland road safety ad was made to highlight the dangers of speeding after figures showed 28 children have died from it since 2000.

Road safety minister Mark Durkan insisted the advert was sensitive.

The video then concludes with an empty classroom and the devastating statistic.

“You can never control the consequences, if you speed.”

Difficult words: ad=advert=advertisement (announcement in a public medium), the 9 o'clock watershed (the time after which shocking television programmes can be shown), insist (demand something to happen), sensitive (shocking), conclude (end), devastating (shocking), consequence (outcome).


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