Shoes in Paris - level 3

Shoes in Paris - level 3

03-12-2015 07:00

These are the shoes of 10,000 people who want to make a difference for the climate. The shoes were laid at Place de le Republique this morning to send a message on the eve of the UN climate change conference hosted by France where nearly 150 world leaders will take part in negotiations.

This landmark has become synonymous with memorials for the recent Paris attacks. A march for climate change was supposed to take place in the capital today but was forbidden by the French authorities in light of the attacks that took place on the 13th November and claimed 130 lives.

Organizers of this installation wanted to give those who wished to participate in the march an opportunity to have their presence felt. A number of famous names donated their shoes to this project including actress Marion Cotillard, Vivienne Westwood and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

But one pair of shoes in particular really stood out – those belonging to Pope Francis. Brazilian cardinal Claudio Hummes delivered the shoes on behalf of the pope and said this was a very important and emotional moment as the pope wanted to participate symbolically to the worldwide march for climate change.

The climate change conference will take place in Paris from November 30th to December 11th where negotiations will hope to achieve a universal agreement on climate.

Difficult words: on the eve (before), negotiation (a discussion), landmark (important event), in light of (taking something into consideration).


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