Sign language interpreter - level 3

Sign language interpreter - level 3

20-12-2013 06:00

The sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial has been called a fake by the deaf community there. They say he made up his own signs and was merely flapping his arms around.

During Obama’s speech, experts say he looked as if he was trying to swat flies away from his face.

The Deaf Federation of South Africa says it’s a real embarrassment, a complete disrespect for the deaf community and for what Nelson Mandela stood for and the support which he gave the deaf community.

Professional interpreters say they don’t know who the man is and organizations that accredit interpreters don’t recognize him either. The government communications office has not yet made an official comment.

Difficult words: deaf (person unable to hear anything), merely (only), flap (move), swat (hit an insect in order to kill it), embarrassment (something that makes you look bad and stupid), accredit (give authority to work).

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