Singing to elephants – level 3

Singing to elephants – level 3

20-06-2016 15:00

We've all heard of counting sheep to fall asleep but in Thailand it's humans helping elephants nod off with lullabies. The founder of Chiang Mai's Elephant Nature Park likes to sing to the animals to help them get their 8 hours.

Six years ago, a difficult-to-handle baby elephant was sung to sleep with success and since then, songs have been used to calm down the big mammals and help them drift off into a much-needed slumber. Many of the elephants at the sanctuary are rescue animals who suffered abuse.

The Elephant Nature Park covers 280 acres and homes more than 70 elephants, all of whom we can trust get their much needed beauty sleep.

Difficult words: nod off (fall asleep), drift off (move into a situation), slumber (sleep).


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