Skeleton is found - level 3

Skeleton is found - level 3

30-07-2015 15:00

Surrounded by mystery, Stonehenge is one of the world's oldest monuments. But who lived here?

A recent discovery of a 4,000 year-old skeleton may shed light on the lives of the people who may have lived here. Archaeologists have unearthed this skeleton between Stonehenge and Avebury which is thought to be that of an adolescent.

A team from the University of Reading had been excavating in Wiltshire when they made the discovery. Dr. Jim Leary described the skeleton as a "wonderful discovery".

The skeleton’s thought to date back to the Bronze Age. The body was around a metre and a half in length and found in a foetal position. It was also wearing an amber necklace. Archaeologists are trying to find out the age and gender of the teenager.

It is believed the skeleton will help shed light on the lives of those who lived and worshipped at nearby Stonehenge.

Difficult words: monument (a historic place), shed light (to help to explain), adolescent (a teenager), foetal position (the body position of an unborn child inside its mother), amber (when tree sap turns into a hard, yellowish rock; it is used to make jewellery), worship (to pray).


What do you think will the skeleton tell us?

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