Small dog helps a girl – level 3

Small dog helps a girl – level 3

10-04-2013 06:00

It says, “Beware of the dog” and you shouldn't take that sign lightly. This four-year-old chihuahua may be small but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in courage. Especially, after a pit bull attacked her owner's granddaughter.

“She’s got a few hundred stitches up here. The eye was split right open. The eyelid. Right across and then she’s got another wound here on her head.”

Honey came to the rescue and managed to draw the aggressive dog away from Jenna. The pit bull was then caught and will now be put down. Jenna will need hours of surgery but it could have been much worse if Honey had not sprung into action.

Interesting words: beware (be careful), make up for (compensate), stitch (special thing for closing a cut), put down (kill), sprung (moved quickly).

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