Snow leopard is injured - level 3

Snow leopard is injured - level 3

23-05-2014 15:00

Chinese frontier guards have saved an injured snow leopard that was trapped in a coal mine.

Upon finding the leopard stuck in a drainage tank, the guards sought help from their nearby animal husbandry department.

With joint efforts, rescuers pulled the leopard out of the water using a fishing net.

One of the guards described how they found the animal struggling in the water and described the brigade’s shock when they discovered it was a leopard.

According to experts, wild snow leopards rarely appear at human residential areas, and it’s thought the animal may have wandered into the coal mine for food.

Difficult words: frontier (line or border between two countries), drainage tank (large container for water), animal husbandry (farming that involves keeping animals), struggle (to have problems with something), brigade (group of soldiers).


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