Snowy owl in Montreal - level 3

Snowy owl in Montreal - level 3

14-01-2016 15:00

Why does the Harry Potter theme tune spring to mind? This stunning footage of a snowy owl was captured not by a professional wildlife photographer but by a traffic camera in Montreal.

With a beautiful backdrop of a snow-covered highway, the majestic visitor has delighted viewers with the video gaining over 15,000 likes and 18,000 shares on Facebook.

The reason the sighting has attracted so much attention isn't just the beauty of the video. It’s also because seeing snowy owls is quite rare, as they tend to inhabit places where humans don't live.

The snowy owl is an official symbol of Quebec and is protected from hunters in Canada, though birds are occasionally killed in collisions with cars, airplanes and utility lines.

Wherever Hedwig here was heading, she clearly is a bit of a poser and we don't mind one bit.

Difficult words: theme tune/song (a song which is known for a movie), spring (to come), stunning (amazing), backdrop (a background, a setting), majestic (amazing), gain (to get), sighting (seeing), inhabit (to live in), utility lines (power lines), Hedwig (a snowy owl from the Harry Potter books/movies), head (to go), poser (somebody who likes to show everybody how he or she looks)


Do you like the owl?

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