Solar-powered cars in Chile - level 2

Solar-powered cars in Chile - level 2

12-11-2014 15:00

People displayed twenty futuristic solar cars in Santiago in front of Chile’s presidential palace. Drivers and passersby could check out the special designs.

All of the cars were either completely solar-powered or hybrids, which also use human power. The driver could pedal one car from the inside of the cockpit.

The cars prepared for a race through the Atacama Desert. The 870-mile-long race (1,400 km) will take five days.

Difficult words: passerby (person who walks by something), pedal (move by working the pedals which are on a bicycle, for example), cockpit (a small area for the driver/pilot to sit).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Is the solar-powar the future?

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