Soldier shoots people - level 3

Soldier shoots people - level 3

08-04-2014 15:00

A U.S. soldier shot three people dead and injured at least 16 on Wednesday before he took his own life at the Fort Hood Army Base in Texas.

The soldier, who was being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder after fighting in Iraq, drove to two buildings on the base and opened fire before he was stopped by military police. He then shot himself in the head. The incident lasted between 15 and 20 minutes. All the wounded and killed were military personnel.

Fort Hood was also the site of another deadly shooting rampage in 2009 where 13 people were killed and 32 wounded. Wednesday’s shooting is the third incident at a military base in the US in around six months. President Obama has called the shooting troubling.

“The folks there have sacrificed so much on behalf of our freedom. Many of the people there have been through multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. They serve with valour, and they serve with distinction. When they’re at their home base, they need to feel safe.”

Difficult words: wound (to injure), military personnel (people who work in military force), rampage (period of violent and uncontrollable behaviour by a person or people), folks (people), sacrifice (to give up something to help someone), valour (great courage), distinction (excellence).

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