Some cars are not safe - level 3

Some cars are not safe - level 3

22-08-2013 14:00

A new safety car crash test has found that half of the vehicles tested were rated "marginal" or "poor."

The test designed by the US-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety sees a car crash into a five-foot barrier while travelling at 40 miles per hour (64 kilometres per hour).

The insurance group said that nearly a quarter of front-of-vehicle crashes result in serious injury or death.

These types of crash tend to involve a single corner of the car, usually on the driver’s side that comes into contact with another vehicle or object.

Half of the 12 small cars tested didn't meet the industry standards. The two-door and four-door models of the Honda Civic were the only small cars to earn the top rating of good in the test.

Difficult words: marginal (having low quality), tend (have tendency).

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