Spanish police catch a UK criminal - level 3

Spanish police catch a UK criminal - level 3

29-04-2015 15:00

One of the UK’s most wanted drug-trafficking suspects has been arrested at a luxury villa in Spain. Video shows armed police storming the villa in Alicante to arrest 54-year-old Paul Monk. Monk was on a list revealed by the Spanish and UK authorities last month in the so-called Operation Captura and was wanted on suspicion of conspiracy to supply cocaine and cannabis.

A statement by the Spanish civil guard said he was also wanted for allegedly taking part in the kidnapping and assassination of an English citizen whose body was found last year on an Alicante beach. It’s understood he had been under surveillance for several months and confirmed his identity once the list of the UK’s most wanted fugitives was made public in February.

Spain said 65 out of 75 persons wanted in previous years have been captured by the Spanish police.

Difficult words: drug-trafficking (moving illegal drugs in large amounts), storm (to enter quickly and forcefully), conspiracy (planning to do something), cannabis (scientific name for marijuana), allegedly (people said something that may or may not be true), assassination (murder), surveillance (spying on), fugitive (a person who is hiding from police).


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