Special activities in a car - level 2

Special activities in a car - level 2

15-10-2013 06:00

The British police made a video on some of the UK's busiest motorways. What does the video say about British drivers?

A lot of them are quite irresponsible as they do other things while they're driving. Most of them are probably in a hurry so they do things which should be done in the bathroom instead. The video shows how people brush their teeth, talk to people on the phone, read or write something they think is important. One woman was filmed while she was putting on make-up!

Almost 200 drivers were charged. They will lose three points on their licence and will have to pay £100.

Difficult words: irresponsible (they do dangerous things), hurry (they don't have enough time), charge (say that somebody did something wrong).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

The October issue of magazine Drive has been published. You can buy the magazine here.

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