Special beauty pageant – level 3

Special beauty pageant – level 3

04-07-2016 15:00

Many are partial to the theatrics and thrills of a beauty pageant and Lithuania is no exception except this small Lithuanian village is rating the beauty of goats.

The pageant sought to find the loveliest goat amongst its livestock and they all made an effort for the occasion. Some arrived in beautiful blue bonnets whilst others adorned themselves with flower garlands.

The spectacle attracted quite a crowd – over 500 visitors flocked to catch a glimpse of the goats in all their glory. Judges, who included a parliament member, the head of the local school and a cucumber farmer declared Demyte the most beautiful billy in the village, a prize which undoubtedly meant a lot to the animal after 6 years of entering the competition and failing to win.

And the lucky billy was awarded with cakes, jars of honey, books and coupons for a haircut, something we're sure any beauty queen would greatly appreciate.

Difficult words: partial to (having a liking for), beauty pageant (a beauty contest), exception (a special case, an irregularity), bonnet (a woman’s hat), adorn (make more beautiful), garland (a wreath of flowers and leaves, worn on the head or hung), spectacle (show), flock (come in large numbers), glimpse (a quick look), declare (officially say something), billy (billy goat – a male goat), appreciate (be happy for).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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