Special clothes for sharks - level 3

Special clothes for sharks - level 3

30-07-2013 14:00

Wetsuits to confuse sharks have been launched in Australia. Scientists from the University of Western Australia Oceans Institute have joined forces with designers from Shark Attack Mitigation Systems in order to create the “jawesome” suits.

The snappy looking suits come in a range of designs and patterns which lower the sharks’ visibility and confuse their senses.

"The strategies are twofold. One is a 'can't see me' strategy, cryptic in the water, and the other one is a 'can see me but don't eat me' strategy, the idea being that even though you are perceived, you are not perceived as a meal."

Sharks are colourblind and can only see in shades of grey, so the suits offer a little level of security for those who want to avoid looking like a tasty treat.

"It's about the user, or the water user confidently going out back into the ocean knowing that they have an extra level of protection that they're wearing."

The wetsuits were first tested with dummy torsos and tiger sharks--while scientists say they don't offer fail-safe protection, the initial results have been extraordinary.

Difficult words: mitigation (reducing seriousness of something), snappy (elegant), twofold (two kinds), cryptic (hard to see), perceive (see), dummy (fake human), initial (first), extraordinary (very good).

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