Special helicopter went into water - level 3

Special helicopter went into water - level 3

14-05-2013 14:00

The world's first carbon fibre helicopter crashes into the water at Auckland Harbour with the moment of impact caught on camera as its flight was being filmed for a promotional video.

The pilot Peter Maloney and his passenger Nina Heatly walked away unscathed from the accident with the pair appearing surprisingly calm afterwards.

"The water landing was effectively uneventful, everything went as it should do in a condition like that and we both managed to get out of the aircraft without injuries."

"The landing was amazingly smooth for an emergency landing."

New Zealand authorities are currently investigating the cause of the crash with Mr. Maloney explaining the craft is still being tested.

"It's the aircraft's done about 200 hours of flying and the reason we were over the water is because we are still in our flight evaluation phase, if you like. Up until now the helicopter has been flying really well."

Interesting words: carbon fibre (light and strong material), impact (contact with water), unscathed (not harmed), uneventful (normal), evaluation (judgment if something is good).

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