Special rock band - level 3

Special rock band - level 3

10-07-2013 06:00

Now, here's something you don't see every day--a monk and a pastor rocking out on stage in Japan. The pair sing about peace and harmony in an attempt to reach out to a younger audience.

"Us religious workers have to go into the secular world to communicate with young people. Make them happy through music. Otherwise, the important messages we try to deliver won't reach them."

Sekino's rock band is called Boxi. There are six monks that take turns going on stage.

"It's just a wrong stereotype that monks have to be quiet all the time. We look calm but we also have to pay attention to our dynamic instincts because they're just different forms of zen."

The band only formed three months ago but hope to be playing to crowds twice the size in a year's time.

Interesting words: otherwise (or), stereotype (something what people think but is not usually true).

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