Special shoes for running - level 3

Special shoes for running - level 3

17-09-2013 14:00

The stage is set for a world record attempt where speed is of the essence, but it's a lot trickier when you're wearing high heels. That is not deterring Julia Pletcher from Germany who has her eyes on the prize, that prize being a 100 metres away. After a steady start, Julia gets into her groove and luckily none of them on the track. She passes Usain Bolt's 100-metre world record time, but then he doesn't wear high heels.

Seconds later she crosses the finishing line having completed the fastest 100 metres with heels at 14.531 seconds. Julia's attempt has been added to the latest edition of the World Records Book.

Julia has been doing this for years. In 2009 she took part in a so called Stiletto Run in Central Berlin where she lives. The heels had to be 7 centimetres high. Julia's were 8.5 and she won the race.

Difficult words: essence (of the biggest importance), tricky (difficult), deter (discourage someone from doing something), groove (tempo and also a long narrow cut in a hard material).

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