Special skatepark in London - level 3

Special skatepark in London - level 3

05-10-2014 07:00

A skatepark in London has become the first in Europe to receive heritage status.

Known as the Rom Skatepark, it first opened in East London in 1978 and is now listed with the same protection usually given to historical buildings, such as the Houses of Parliament or Westminster.

The English Heritage Body which awards buildings their listed status said the park was recognised for its cultural significance.

“It is unusual. It's the first skatepark that's been listed actually in Europe, so it's really quite unusual but special as well, and that's why we have recommended it for listing.

It's not about getting hip, it's about recognising what's special nationally, and this is to say, modern, but this is part of our sporting heritage and requires that recognition in the same way that say Lords or Wimbledon has. It's a different sport, a different generation, but still significant.”

The park will become only the second skateboard scene worldwide to achieve listed status.

Difficult words: heritage (objects or places which are culturally or historically important), body (organisation), significance (importance), hip (cool), generation (group of people).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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