Speedboat is out of control - level 3

Speedboat is out of control - level 3

05-06-2014 07:00

This was the dramatic moment a lifeboat crew lassoed a runaway speedboat in Devon.

According to RNLI a sailor was trying to tie up his boat when he accidentally knocked the throttle and was thrown overboard.

They said the man had already unclipped the kill cord and pushed the throttle lever to full power, as he fell into the water.

The six-metre-long speedboat began to circle Devon's Teignmouth Quay, luckily, though a member of the public spotted it and raised the alarm.

The lifeboat crew managed to get a line aboard the spinning boat, reach the throttle lever and reduce the speed.

Luckily, the boat’s owner managed to get ashore safely and was rushed to hospital.

Difficult words: lassoed (to stop something with a rope by throwing the rope around the object), throttle (mechanism which controls the speed), kill cord (line which connects the man and the boat and which turns off the boat when the man falls out), quay (place for boats to stop), spot (see).

Source: www.itn.co.uk

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