Spider inside a man’s body - level 3

Spider inside a man’s body - level 3

20-10-2014 15:00

When Australian Dylan Thomas woke up one morning, he certainly wasn't expecting to find this on his stomach.

The 21-year-old was away with friends in Bali when he discovered the strange red trail stretching two inches from his naval towards his chest.

As the mark moved further up, Dylan was told by doctors at the Bali International Medical Centre that he was suffering from an allergic reaction to an insect bite and was sent away with some antihistamine cream.

But three days later, when the red trail began to blister and almost double in length, it was obvious there was something wrong.

Eventually a doctor took a closer look and explained that a tropical spider had managed to bury itself into a scar left by a recent appendix removal.

Luckily, doctors managed to extract the spider from Dylan's abdomen, and it's now been sent away for testing.
Difficult words: naval (belly button), antihistamine (anti-allergy), blister (to form small bubbles on the skin filled with something like water), tropical (jungle), appendix (a small part of the intestines which is the tube which goes from the stomach to the anus), extract (remove), abdomen (the middle of the body where the stomach and chest are).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

Well... Shocking, isn't it?

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