Spy in China - level 3

Spy in China - level 3

16-05-2014 07:00

This is a military spy according to the Chinese Government, handcuffed and handed a ten-year prison term for supposedly leaking sensitive documents to a foreign spy.

The man whose surname is said to be Li told officials that a woman got in touch over the internet and paid him to subscribe to secret military publications via China’s National Library. He says when he logged on there she could see, too. News reports from China say Mr Li then leaked 13 highly classified documents, ten others of a less sensitive nature, and also information on the development of military bases and gear.

This official working for Shantou City’s security bureau says the total number of pieces of info could have been 2,000.

China is working to increase its security after it emerged that the US government had spied on a top telecommunications firm. The country’s military has already warned that it faces a “severe and complex” task in maintaining secrecy with widespread internet use and mobile links.

Difficult words: handcuff (to “lock” somebody’s hands by a pair of metal rings joined by a chain), supposedly (according to what is generally believed), classified (secret), gear (equipment), bureau (government department).

Source: www.itn.co.uk

Do you know any spies?

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