Statue cries - level 3

Statue cries - level 3

18-02-2014 15:00

This statue of the Virgin Mary has been getting plenty of attention over the last week. It stands in the living room of Amira Khoury’s house, not especially unusual. But what is, is what Amira says she has seen… a miracle, apparently. Oily tears rolling down her face.

“I saw the oil tears and I told my husband and I told him, ‘Come and see that there is oil on her face.’ He smiled and did not believe me. I told my neighbour who was also at my house to see that there was oil on her face. When he told my husband, my husband believed us and I was really afraid.”

For the past week, Christians have flocked here to see the statue, many of them travelling hours by cars or buses to get a blessing. But all may not be as it seems.

“My sister came and cleaned her face and we waited a while to see what’d happen. Then we saw the oil weep from her eyes. We were shocked and the next day we woke up and my son checked the statue and found out that it was filled with oil.”

Weeping statues are believed to be associated with miracles, but not everyone is a believer. Even the Catholic Church remains cautious. Because there are a large number of hoaxes, it doesn’t necessarily verify cases.

Difficult words: flock (go somewhere in large numbers), weep (come out), cautious (careful to avoid problems), hoax (something people believe but it is a fake).

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