Stranded sailor rescued - level 3

Stranded sailor rescued - level 3

15-04-2015 07:00

A dramatic end to a turbulent couple of months, winched to the safety of a hovering helicopter from a ship that had become disabled. Rough weather caused the master break and cut off the communication gear and electronics. So for 66 days, the crew member on board had to cope by himself.

He had diverted the ship off the North Carolina coast to go fishing, and that’s when he faced problems. But it was his ability to fish that helped him survive the time before help arrived. Although there was some food on board, he had to eat raw fish he caught and the rain water that he collected.

The Coast Guard has said he is now doing fine after being checked over in hospital. He’s feeling well and his family is naturally overjoyed to see him safe and on dry land for now.

Difficult words: turbulent (having lots of problems), winch (to tie something), hover (to fly in one spot), disable (when something no longer works), divert (to go an unexpected direction).


What do you think about how this man survived?

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