Strange Christmas tree in Paris - level 3

Strange Christmas tree in Paris - level 3

23-10-2014 07:00

Hands up if you know what this is. Some expensive modern art? A huge upside down wine bottle stopper? Or something a little more… Well, use your imagination!

This green installation is actually a giant inflatable Christmas tree. The festive feature in central Paris has raised eyebrows as naughty passersby claim to see something entirely different.

Created by an American artist Paul McCarthy, the tree is located in Paris’s Place Vendôme. Apparently, the artist was actually assaulted by an aggravated Parisian who thought that the provocatively shaped item had no place in such a historic location. Created as part of the FIAC festival for contemporary art, the installation will be in place for three weeks. But apparently, not for Christmas, it seems.

Difficult words: huge (very big), installation (a piece of art), festive (relating to a festival/cheerful), feature (an aspect of something/a thing), naughty (mildly rude, typically related to sex), passerby (somebody who walks past something), claim (say), assault (attack), aggravated (angry), contemporary (present).


What do you think of the "Christmas tree"?

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