Strange statue in snow - level 3

Strange statue in snow - level 3

17-02-2014 15:00

It’s definitely an odd statue, but there’s a reason behind this piece of artwork at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

The statue is a part of a new exhibition at the women’s college’s Davis Museum. Some people enjoyed its presence, but one student started an online petition to remove it, calling the sculpture inappropriate and uncomfortable.

“That is so realistic.”

Hundreds of outraged students actually signed the petition, but the museum’s director posted a response online, saying “art provokes dialogue”.

Double takes and debate have been rampant this week on the college campus.

“I personally don’t mind it, but I know a lot of other students do.”

“If we can’t put clothes on it, I’d like it to be moved. I knew it was there, when I saw it at night, and I still thought it was a real person.”

“I thought it was funny and I was like oh is that real? Like it didn’t offend me.”

The statue titled Sleepwalker is part of a solo show called New Gravity, featuring sculptures that explore how objects can be reversed, upended or atomised. Several drivers have also been slamming on their brakes, as they approached or passed the statue, craning their necks for a second look.

Many students made a beeline for the new addition on campus. Some smiled and laughed, as they got closer, but others frowned and seemed a little bit apprehensive.

Difficult words: odd (strange), inappropriate (impolite or unsuitable), outraged (shocked and angry), double take (delayed reaction to something unexpected), rampant (when there’s a lot of something), upend (set something on its end), atomise (convert into very small particles), slam (push with great force), crane (stretch out one’s neck to see something), make a beeline for (hurry directly to), frown (opposite of smile), apprehensive (nervous).

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