Super intelligent Japanese robot - level 3, A12

Super intelligent Japanese robot - level 3, A12

02-08-2012 18:00

Tokyo Tower has employed a new very special employee, Tawabo. He is not your usual robot. Tawabo is bright orange, short and weighs in at 400 pounds.

He speaks Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean. And he smiles a lot. He doesn’t need regular breaks but after he is charged, he picks a language and helps to guide some of the tower’s 100 000 foreign visitors around the observation deck.

Tawabo will be working throughout the day on weekends and weekdays all year round but at very busy times, he’ll be allowed to greet guests from his charging station.

He is already a hit with visitors, especially the kids. With his easy going style, it looks like his long-term employment status is secure.


Interesting words: weigh in at (weigh), charged (given money), deck (floor), throughout (during).

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