Superhero Window Cleaners in Brazil – Level 2

Superhero Window Cleaners in Brazil – Level 2

26-10-2016 07:00

In Sao Paolo, Brazil, a children’s hospital wanted to make the sick patients happy on Children’s Day. In Brazil, this happens on October 12, and usually, parents give their children gifts. The hospital wanted to do something more.

The hospital staff asked five window washers to become superheroes for the day. The window washers donned their costumes as the Flash, Batman, Iron Man, Spider Man, and Super Man. The five superheroes then hung outside the building and climbed down, stopping at windows as they dropped so the children could see them.

Difficult words: patient (a person who is sick or hurt and needs help from a doctor), staff (people who work somewhere), don (put on).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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