Swedish Taxi-pod

Swedish Taxi-pod

06-01-2017 15:00

Students in Goteborg, Sweden, need to travel in the busy city centre. But now they do not need to take a bus or a taxi. They can use a Taxi-pod - a little yellow battery-powered car with three wheels.

The company Burst wants to solve the problem with traffic in centres in big cities. It would like to offer a perfect service for short trips in the city.

People on buses usually travel a long way. They are not in a hurry and they do not need to get to their final point. For lots of people, it is very important to travel quicker.

This service is not only about speed. The makers of these cars also want to improve air quality. They also want to solve traffic jam problems.

One of the passengers thinks that the Taxi-pods are good for clear air, cheap, easy to use in the city and fun.

Difficult words: pod (a small car), solve the problem (stop the problem), trip (a way), improve (make better).

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