Sydney Opera House - level 3

Sydney Opera House - level 3

20-10-2011 18:00

Sydney Opera House was opened on 20th October 1973.  The planning for the Opera House started in 1955. There were 233 projects to choose from. One of the projects was different from the others. The building looked like a ship. Many people didn’t like this project but the head of the committee liked it a lot. He gradually made the other members of the committee believe that they should vote for this project.

The author of this project was an unknown Danish architect Jorn Utzon. He had never been to Australia before but his project was perfect for the city atmosphere.

They started to build it in 1959 but there was a problem. Nobody knew how to build the roof. A lot of people were thinking how to build it but there was no solution. Two years later when Utzon was peeling an orange he came up with an idea. This idea was a solution to the problem. The roof will be like pieces of orange peel.

The Opera House was finished and now it is one of the symbols of Australia.

You can see a night show on the roof of the Opera House in the video.

 Written by Danny

Interesting words: committee, gradually, vote, peel.   

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