Syrian baby in Israel - level 3

Syrian baby in Israel - level 3

11-11-2013 06:00

Now, this little boy is very special. Yeah, this newborn is the first Syrian baby ever to be born in Israel. For the first time since Syria’s civil war broke out, a woman in labour was brought into the country for medical help.

The 20-year-old mother was in the early stages of labour when the army quickly transferred her to an Israeli hospital as there was no access to a local one.

“On Saturday morning we received a woman from Syria who was in her first labour. She had early labour. She was brought in by ambulance to us and was found to have ruptured bag of waters. We received her and we made her feel welcome here. We later augmented her labour and she went on to have a normal, spontaneous vaginal delivery.”

Until now, only wounded Syrians have been among the hundreds of civilians escaping the war and seeking medical care in Israel.

Difficult words: in labour (about to give birth), rupture (break), bag of waters (water around a baby in the mother’s belly), augment (make happen faster) delivery (process of giving birth), wounded (hurt).

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