Syrian children - level 3

Syrian children - level 3

04-12-2013 14:00

These children were talking to the camera about their experiences of the conflict in Syria when a large explosion knocks them to the ground.

After the blast, the children crawl and try to move away, looking for cover. Despite the proximity of the explosion, all the children survive and are seen later in the video smiling and talking about the near miss. When asked about taking cover, this young boy said, “It felt like I was diving into a swimming pool. It’s the same feeling.”

This little girl says she knew a shell was going to land close. She could sense it. When the cameraman asks this boy about his mum’s reaction when she saw him alive, he says, “She cried.”

It’s estimated over 7,000 children have been killed during Syria’s two and a half year conflict.

Difficult words: blast (explosion), crawl (move on your hands and knees), proximity (nearness), shell (metal container full of explosives).

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