Tanks in Russia - level 3

Tanks in Russia - level 3

26-08-2013 14:00

The world's first tank biathlon, a discipline invented by the Russian army, has finally started just outside Moscow.

So far, only tanks from four countries have taken part, but the Russian Defence Minister has sent an invitation to the US to join in.

All regional contingents of the Russian army were preparing for this week's competition with qualification rounds staged across the country. State television provided extensive coverage of what was built as the world’s first tank biathlon season.

The rules of the event are similar to those of a traditional biathlon. Russian-made T-72 tanks painted in the rainbow colours of green, pink and blue race around the 13-mile track and hit five firing targets. For every miss, there's a penalty loop of 500 metres. Now the competition's set to finish on Saturday.

Difficult words: contingents (groups), staged (organised), extensive (bigger than usual), coverage (reports), loop (circle).

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