Tattoo Expo in Venezuela - level 3

Tattoo Expo in Venezuela - level 3

10-02-2016 07:00

People with some of the most extreme body modifications in the world turned up for the Venezuela Tattoo Expo to show off their looks and meet with other tattoo and piercing fanatics. The event brings together hundreds of tattoo and piercing artists, thousands of body modification aficionados and a host of international tattoo celebrities.

Among them was this Guinness World Record holder for the most piercings from Germany who has more than 450 on his face and body. He has 158 around his lips alone.

"I started at the end of 1999 with tattoos and piercings. I get often asked why I started.

I don't know exactly. I got my first tattoo, my first piercing, I liked it, I got more and more.”

This guy, known as Red Skull, says he got his first tattoo at aged only 12. He holds the Guinness World Record for the most modifications in the world.

This year marked the sixth consecutive year of the tattoo and piercing convention. But if you're too late getting your eyeballs tattooed for this one, there's always next year!

Difficult words: fanatic (a very enthusiastic fan), aficionado (a person who knows a lot about something and loves doing it), consecutive (following each other continuously).


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