Tattoo festival in Russia - level 3

Tattoo festival in Russia - level 3

08-05-2015 15:00

This is the Russian resort of Sochi, looking very different from the Winter Olympics’ site it was last year. But these revelers aren’t just here to soak up the sun. They’re all attending Sochi’s first international tattoo festival.

There was plenty of space for artists to show off their skills and for attendees to get inked themselves, but poolside the serious business was taking place. There was some judging to be done in various categories of body art, with entrants having their ink scrutinized by a panel of experts whilst others were simply happy to enjoy the scenery.

“It’s my first time at a festival like this. Everything is very cool, great, fun, lots of emotions, and impressions. I’m also a model here.”

Difficult words: reveler (a person who is revelling – having fun), to soak up the sun (to be in the sun most of the day), attendee (a person who attends something – goes to something), entrant (a person who enters somewhere – goes somewhere), scrutinize (to look at something carefully).


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