Tattoos at Work – level 2

Tattoos at Work – level 2

27-09-2016 15:00

A third of young people in Britain have a tattoo, but some businesses are worried about the image the tattoo would give to customers or clients. A conciliation service says that the negative attitude about tattoos is outdated. The service also warned businesses that they could be missing out on good employees.

In October 2014, people sent home a trainee teacher from England on her first day at a Catholic school because of her tattoos.

One tattoo artist says that he has all kinds of customers, even Members of Parliament, doctors, lawyers, and policemen. All of them know that a tattoo could be a problem.

Difficult words: conciliation service (a service which helps employers and employees solve problems), attitude (the way how you think about something), miss out (if you miss out on something, you do not do/get something good).

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