Teenager saves a policeman - level 3

Teenager saves a policeman - level 3

19-01-2015 07:00

This CCTV footage shows the moment a teenager waiting in a police station, after being arrested in Florida, dramatically redeemed himself.

It’s unknown what Jamal Rutledge was accused of doing, but as police officer Franklin Foulks was processing the teen’s records, he collapsed, clutching his chest in agony. Defendant Jamal immediately began to kick the security fence and shouted to alert other police officers at the police station.

Sergeant Todd Bunin was walking near the booking area when he heard Rutledge. He then noticed Officer Foulks was semi-conscious, lying on the ground.

Bunin quickly removes Officer Foulks’ police gear and cuts off his shirt. Another officer than began performing CPR.

Medics say that Rutledge’s actions, as well as the quick response of the officers, were responsible for Officer Foulks surviving. Both Rutledge and the officers will be publicly recognised at a ceremony next Wednesday.

Difficult words: CCTV footage (security camera video), redeem (to do something good after you’ve done something bad), clutch (to hold something tightly), agony (pain), defendant (a person who’s been accused of doing something illegal), CPR (when you press on somebody’s chest to make the heart work again), recognise (to show respect to somebody officially).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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