Telephone started today - level 3, A12

Telephone started today - level 3, A12

07-03-2012 18:00

The telephone was independently invented by three men in the USA. Alexander Bell tried to invent the telephone for many years. Finally, he was successful and he decided to patent his invention on 14th February 1876.

Elisha Grey had also been working on inventing the telephone for about 10 years. On the same day, 14th February 1876, he also decided to patent his invention, but he came two hours later than Bell. Both men said that they were first but the Patent Office gave the patent to Bell on 7th March 1876.

There was another man, Antonio Meucci. He patented the telephone in 1871, 5 years before Bell. Unfortunately, his patent was only for 3 years and he didn't extend it for a longer time. Some people say that he didn't have the extra 10 dollars for extending his patent and he lost the patent.

So, three men were successful inventors of the telephone but Bell is the only really famous one.

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