Terminator and an elephant – level 3

Terminator and an elephant – level 3

08-06-2016 15:00

"Oh ... (beep) oh ... (beep).”

The Terminator meets an elephant. While on safari in South Africa, Arnold Schwarzenegger had this very close encounter.

"No, no, no, no, no."

He shared the video with his 5.4 million followers on Instagram just after it happened.

"So is he backing off because of the engine?"

"No, he's going to charge us."

"Yeah, I just don’t want him to because if he’s scratching himself on the vehicle, it takes the paint off."

"He's had it!"

"No, he’s just being inquisitive, but usually when have a scratch, they find little corners on the vehicle and they scratch themselves. It looks like he’s ok now, he’s going to avoid us."

"No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no."

"Oh ... (beep beep beep)!”

But it hasn't put him off elephants with him tweeting he's in awe of them and wishes people would stop killing them for their ivory. He then added that people should take a photo, not a shot. And then, naturally, some of them had to change their pants afterwards. Pretty sure I would have too.

"No, no, no, no, no."

A close encounter but at least Arnie will be back.

"Oh ... (beep) oh ... (beep)!”

Difficult words: encounter (a meeting), inquisitive (curious), be in awe of (to feel awe for – a feeling of respect mixed with fear or wonder), ivory (the material of an elephant’s tusks – the two big horns that come out of the front of the elephant), shot (this is a pun as it means two things – a shot from a gun and a photo can be called a shot).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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